Housing Now is a grassroots campaign to expand publicly financed and non-profit housing in the Seattle area.

Seattle has a deep affordability crisis. Publicly financed housing must play a strong role in achieving affordability by expanding the total supply of housing, creating units which are affordable on day one, and ensuring homes which will remain affordable permanently. We not only want to solve the current housing crisis, but also prevent the next one!

Towards that end, Housing Now is working on mobilizing a grass roots coalition to reform the Seattle Comprehensive Plan to allow more housing in most areas of the city. While we do this, we also need to talk about and build towards reforming Washington State tax laws, with a goal of making them more progressive. With more and more income going to the very top, we need those who have more to step up and pay more. By doing this in concert with reforming the comprehensive plan, we can help ensure Seattle is welcoming to all!

This site is currently undergoing revision as we conduct outreach and research towards this effort. Check back soon for our updated vision and additional ways to get involved!

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