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Housing Now is a grassroots effort to expand the supply of affordable housing. Our focus is on expanding publicly financed housing. We believe that our cities and our neighborhoods can only become welcoming communities if we expand the supply of housing and especially the supply of affordable housing.  We’re a volunteer powered group, find below pictures of some of the many people who have shown up for affordable housing!

 house party July 2018

Above: House Party in July 2018 to build support for Housing Now, yes in that backyard!


house party 2

Above: Our memories of this Housing Now House party are blurry also.

Above: Housing Now volunteer at a house party resting up for more dogged political action.

Above: Achieving high population density at the cafe meeting.


Above: Housing Now volunteers boldly climb the steps of City Hall in the Fall of 2016. Picture include Porfirio, Ed, Alex, Julia, Peter, and more.

UW Student Researchers 2015.jpg

Above: Housing Now teamed up with a group of student researchers at UW to look at public finance of affordable housing in cities around the world.

Pictured: Ian, Rohan, George, Alex, Yingying, Kate, Ryan, and Sarah


Above: Housing Now Community Planner Alex Broner with the Build 1000 Homes Coalition. This coalition succeeded in achieving an additional $36 million for affordable housing, and we’re just getting started!

Alex Amy Laura.jpg

Above: Laura, Amy and Alex are very serious housing activists.
Missing someone or have a picture from one of our events? email [email protected].

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