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Housing Now Seattle has for the past two years been researching how to expand publicly financed housing. We have consulted with experts including developers, architects, and advocates. A group of UW student researchers helped us look at the policies of cities around the world to look for good ideas. Our research has also been informed by our advocacy, forcing us to look at the political challenges related to expanding affordable housing.

Our research has led us to develop a better understanding of the challenges. It’s also introduced us to positive examples from other cities which we can learn from. One city, Vienna, has risen above all the rest as a city that does a lot of things very well. Finally, this research has led us to a set of concrete proposed solutions which we as a city can accomplish. Find below the sections detailing this journey. When you’re ready, please click the “Take Action” link and join us in making Seattle a Welcoming Community for all!

For more information, check out the policy pages below or skip straight to our proposed solution, Re-imagining Affordable Housing.

  • The Challenge: Tough Choices for Seattle Residents

  • The Solution: Publicly Financed Housing

  • Definition of Terms

  • Family Housing Cost Model

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