Housing Now is a grassroots campaign to expand publicly financed housing in the Seattle area.

Seattle has a deep affordability crisis. Publicly financed housing must play a strong role in achieving affordability by expanding the total supply of housing, creating units which are affordable on day one, and ensuring homes which will remain affordable permanently.

Towards that end, Housing Now is committed to help Re-imagine Affordable Housing. By expanding affordability in our city, we can serve as a national model and help ensure our communities are welcoming to all!

Together we can make significant process! Together we can Re-imagine Affordable Housing.

“Take Action” today.  Please sign our petition, and consider a large donation.  Volunteer opportunities are available. One time, monthly and weekly to fit your schedule. We hope to see you soon. Please donate your time as much as you’re able - anything helps!

For more information, please also check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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