Employee Hours Tax II Electric Boogaloo

The Seattle City Council is expected to vote on repeal of the Employee Hours Tax today 6/12 and unless we act then almost $50 million a year in funding for combating homelessness will disappear.

We need as many people as possible to email the following Seattle City Council members:

[email protected];
[email protected];
[email protected];
[email protected]

Please emphasize the severity of the housing crisis. Personal experiences are good. If you're in their district emphasize that. Most of all, keep it brief and to the point.

Housing Now's official statement below:

In a surprising move, the Council President Bruce Harrell has scheduled for Tuesday 6/12 a vote for on repealing the Employee Hours Tax (EHT), about 2 weeks after the council passed it unanimously.

It's no secret that big business interest group pressure is the immediate force behind this move, but it's surprising nonetheless that the council that so ably stood up to this pressure a few weeks ago would suddenly fold.

There are leaks to the effect that recent public polling is influencing the switch to repeal. It is highly hazardous to read too much into a single poll. After all, right after a controversial measure is passed but before it is implemented is often the time when support is apparently at its lowest. We haven't seen the benefits of the EHT funding yet but we have seen the scare tactics from big business.

We need a City Council who is willing to be bold and lead on resolving the housing crisis. We're not going to solve this crisis with a different plan every two weeks. We also need a Council that is willing to regulate big business instead of being regulated by them. Most of all, we need to send a message to big businesses that if they don't like the EHT then it is their responsibility to deploy their legions of lobbyists and influencers to finding a better option. We must no longer accept living in a society where big business is economically powerful but politically irresponsible.

Council members need to consider their next moves carefully. There is a real possibility that by flip-flopping that they will have pissed off everyone and satisfied no one, and this will show at the ballot box.

Our previous statement on the employee hours tax can be found here.

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