Family Zoning

Seattle like many cities has experienced political conflict over zoning. Zoning is important. It consists of the rules set by cities as to what can be built and where.  In Seattle as in many places there have been conflicts between proponents of more multi-family zoning and those wishing to maintain existing single family zoning. We want to move beyond this debate with a new kind of zoning called simply “Family Zoning”. This family zoning will seek to integrate new multi-family housing into existing single family zones in a sensitive way while seeking to maximize affordability, livability and environmental goals.

Features of family zoning:

  • Single family and multi-family buildings living side by side

  • Neighborhood plans for integrating new multi-family homes into formerly singly family only neighborhoods

  • Emphasis on producing buildings which are "high performance" socialy, economically, and environmentally.
  • Improved development process that build relationships between existing residents and new residents.

Family zoning will complement efforts to achieve more funding and improved design by providing more places in more neighborhoods where affordable housing is possible. It will minimize displacement by reducing the pressure on existing renter occupied buildings for demolition and replacement. Finally, it will lead to a more socially integrated Seattle where people of all different backgrounds and income levels can live together, talk to each other, and build a welcoming city for all.

Housing Now is working with our elected representatives, non-profits, and community leaders to further develop and move forward with this zoning concept, if you’d like to get involved, click the “take action” link and also feel free to drop us a line.

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